Interfaith & Interreligious Dialogue

Examining Sacral Architecture Passed Through Different Faiths

As different faiths came into power in regions across the globe, they often adopted existing religious sacral spaces influencing their architecture. What can we learn from The Hagia Sophia and The Cathedral in Córdoba about the shared histories of these sacral spaces?

different faiths influencing sacral architecture

How to be a Successful College Chaplain: A Spiritual Caretaker

To be a successful college or university chaplain one must genuinely enjoy being in the company of young people and providing spiritual care, attending to students’ mental, physical, and spiritual needs, especially during challenging points in their lives.

how to be a successful college chaplain
Spirituality & the Journey to Faith

Walking the World’s Chosen Paths: A Spiritual, Even Secular, Appreciation of Ancient Pilgrimages

With the increase in interfaith pilgrimage, where pilgrims may not be affiliated with the faith of the religious site, the concept of a pilgrimage seems to take on a broader, yet equally spiritual and meaningful significance.

man walking a labyrinth, interfaith appreciation of pilgrimage
Religious Pluralism & Religion in the Modern World

TikTok: Connecting and Bridging Gaps Between Religious Youth of All Faiths

The numbers of religious and spiritual youths are increasing and many are connecting on the popular app, TikTok, defying stereotypes while building understanding about their faith.

building interfaith understanding among religious youth